Marina Hajek (Herrera)

Marina Hajek (Herrera)

Marina Hajek (Herrera)

Artist Marina Hajek, Don Dexter Gallery


Born in New York in 1959 to Guatemalan parents, Marina Hajek (Herrera) moved to Guatemala at the age of one and returned to the United States when she was 28.

Hajek’s artwork is about the duality of her two lives in Guatemala and the United States as much as it is a metaphor for the dual lives of women caught between culture and expectations.

Hajek studied ceramic sculpture under the brilliant professor James Alexander at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Hajek then went on to work with bronze when she was invited by sculptor Cordray Parker to become his apprentice. Hajek worked with him for four years, and bronze became her preferred medium due to its character and longevity.

She also enjoys working with other materials, like her recent project in which she recycled paper to make her own paper pulp for paper castings. Hajek believes the subject justifies the medium.

Her latest project is about giving a voice to the immigrant. Participants were invited to write letters to the people of the United States. The letters reveal the person behind the story and allow the reader to connect with the humanity of the immigration experience, and with Hajek’s work, she seeks to give a voice to the voiceless.

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January 6 — April 20 2024

Marina Hajek, Mother Corn, Don Dexter Gallery
Mother Corn, 2004
Marina Hajek, Sacrificial Atlar, Don Dexter Gallery
Sacrificial Altar, 1995