Bryan Andresen

Bryan Andresen

Bryan Andresen

Bryan Andresen

“You don’t make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved.”

—Ansel Adams


Bryan Andresen

My photographs are typically the result of an enthusiastic journey in search of unique glimpses of nature. I enjoy the entire process of planning an outing, observing the weather, light, and composition of the subject. The actual “taking” of a photograph affects me. Often my heart will race, giving me immediate feedback that the image is original and worthwhile. The photographic process is a journey of the translation of light on the camera sensor to a print that sparks in me the original aesthetic and emotional response. Whether the result is an image of a landscape, water in all its forms, or a bird in flight, I seek meaning in a beautiful “snapshot” of color, time and space.

As noted by Emerson, meaning in life may be better grounded in nature than American politics, religion, or literature. I am amazed at the complexities of natural cycles such as the erosion of rock and the formation of new sandstone, or the emergence and inevitable disintegration of all plants and animals. My photographs open a small window into a feeling of wonder and mystery, underlying the cycles of nature.


Born in Portland, raised in Junction City, and currently living just outside Eugene, Bryan has relatively deep roots as a fifth generation Oregonian.

His photographs typically are the result of an enthusiastic journey in search of unique glimpses of our world.

Two early experiences in college helped form his appreciation of and veneration for human life and the dangerous yet beautiful natural world. Never far removed from his memory is the recollection of a near fatal mountaineering accident entailing a fall 500 feet down rock, snow, and ice. He was 18 at the time. Also, while in college studying hummingbirds in Costa Rica, he revived an unconscious, non-breathing man who had been pulled from the ocean.

Bryan has had a life-long interest in photography; from his earliest years, a camera has typically accompanied him on outings. Starting in 2016, he has described himself as a “serious amateur”. He conjectures that the toxic and ugly political climate of that year stimulated in him a deep desire to bring something of worth, meaning, and beauty into the world.

Retiring from medical practice in 2019, he joined Eugene’s Photo Zone the same year. He now devotes considerable time, passion and enthusiasm to the study and practice of photography.

His images open a small window into a feeling of wonder and mystery, underlying the cycles of nature. Additional images of Bryan’s work may be viewed at:

Where do you, personally, find your inspiration?

Colors, patterns, and movement within nature.

What is your favorite thing to do in or around Eugene?

Hike Mt. Pisgah or the Ridgeline

featured work
the wonder of birds

April 16—June 30, 2022

I am drawn to the magic of birds. Is it their range of wonderful colors, incredible shapes and sizes, or phenomenal ability to fly (or swim) that captivates me? Is it their diversity of habitat–from tropical jungles to arid deserts to Antarctica’s frigid waters? The intelligent cocked head of a crow? A hummingbird’s wing beating at over 50 times per SECOND…an albatross gliding 10,000 miles in a single journey? What is NOT astounding about birds?!

With my camera, I seek to capture not just the beauty in birds, but perhaps an element of mystery in their personalities.

COVID 19 travel restrictions have increased an appreciation of what, literally, is in my own backyard. Several bird photos were taken at my home just outside Eugene. Others, taken on previous international trips, remind me of the amazing migration patterns of these feathered travelers.

I hope that these photos capture a hint of the fascination and wonder I have for these marvels of nature.

Artist Reception: Saturday, April 16th, 2022, 2-4 PM