On View

Galvloi, Metamorphosis, Don Dexter Gallery
Christy Long ‘Galvloi’
Visions and Vessels

September 14 – December 29 2023

Ray Bidegain
A Quiet View

October 21– December 29 2023

2911 Tennyson Ave #202 Eugene 

[Crescent Village, 2nd Floor]


Since 1997, Don Dexter has hosted established and emerging local artists in his practice. During this time, his practice represented the work of local photographers with quarterly shows.
26 years later, Don Dexter Gallery was opened in its permanent location in Crescent Village.
The mission of the gallery is to welcome, promote, and host fine art across various media in Eugene.
Don Dexter Gallery is an Indigenous-owned gallery that also serves as a community space for health, wellness, art, and cultural events.